Ali Mukhtar

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We feel great pride and joy to introduce our selves to your esteemed organization as Customs Authorized clearing agents under the name and style of M/s. Ali Mukhtar agencies, Importers under the name and style of Ms. A.M. Mir Corporation and Logistic solution providers working under the name and style of Ms. Ali Mukhtar Logistics, headed by Mr. Ali Mukhtar Mir S/o Imran Mir, the third Generation of the ancestors of the mentioned group of companies and have been serving our valued clients since more than two decades with their impart clearance.

As clearing agents, we are clearing almost 90% of Non-Ferrous Metal Waste Scrap which is being imported is Pakistan. Having a qualified team of experts in our company your problem is no longer your problem, we handle all your clearance issue and try to get your consignment cleared within the committed / stipulated time without and hassle. Apart of scrap, we also specialize in clearance of machinery, chemicals, row materials and many other commodities. We are proud to say that we Ali Mukhtar Agencies are the only Clearing Agents who have the honor to say that the chandelier hanging in Quaid-e-Azam Mazar has been cleared by us, which shows the years of experience we have with us

As importers we import non-ferrous metal scrap from all over the globe. We import refrigerator compressor scrap, aluminum cable scrap, underground cable scrap, aluminum foil scrap, and many other related commodities.

As Logistic Solution Providers, we provide one window operation, we offer a wide range of choice and solution in Ocean Freight, Transportation, Insurance and custom clearance services. we have several years of experience and supply chain management. We simply make any shipping headache disappear, its what our customer deserve, having their requirement met on time, safe and hassle free. This is what the Ali Mukhtar Team is all About.

Ali Mukhtar
Group of Companies.